✏ FP3: List of compatible headphones and headsets

The goal of this wiki article is to give an overview of which headphones and headsets are compatible (or not) with the Fairphone 3. AFAIK this also includes the Fairphone 3+.
It is inspired by this wiki article for the FP2: ✏ List of compatible Headphones and Headsets for FP2

Since neither Fairphone nor any single user has the time and money to test every headphone / -set, everyone can add their (in)compatible product to this article. You can edit this post by clicking on Edit on the bottom right. Changes to a wiki article can be reversed at any time, so feel free to correct / modify / optimise it.

Structure of the list

First you have to decide into which category your product falls:

Confirmed to be compatible (fully working with FP3), partially compatible (e. g. speakers work but not the microphone with FP3) or incompatible (not working at all with FP3).

  • Manufacturer and product name / model number : Used to identify the product.
    • If you lack the information to uniquely identify a product, you can post a link to it. Maybe someone else finds an ID then. Keep in mind that in time most links will become outdated, at which point they are (often) useless.
  • Microphone : Yes or no. A headset has a microphone, a headphone has none.
  • Connection type : Is it connected via Bluetooth or cable to the Fairphone 3 (wired)?
  • Price: The approximate / “rough” price of the product. Or you can note the price you paid here.
  • Short info : Any info you deem useful e. g. unique features or shortcomings. Please keep it relatively short.

Please keep the list alphabetically sorted.

Confirmed to be compatible:

  • Manufacturer (Product name / number) (Microphone: yes/no) (Connection type: Bluetooth/Wired)(Price): Short info.

  • CYBR PNK In-Ear Kopfhörer - Microphone: Yes (Very good for telephoning and recording speech at a distance of a few metres) - Cable Jack 3.5mm - Price: 31,92€ (see Homepage) cybrtechs.com) - Driver unit: 10mm - Cable: 140(±5)cm - Material: Metal + Composite - Frequency: 20Hz - 20000Hz - Impedance: 16Ω ohm - Sensitivity: 94dB ± 3dB/kHz

  • Jabra (Elite Active 75t) (Yes) (Bluetooth) (~130 €): Very good sound and microphone quality. Dust and water resistant. Good battery life.

  • Plantronics (Explorer 55 211376-99) (Yes) (Bluetooth) (~25 €): A decent Bluetooth headset. Firm was bought by Polycom which has been renamed to Poly.

  • Samsung (Stereo-Headset EO-HS3303LE) (Yes) (Wired) (~20 €) A very simple headset.

  • Sony (MDR-EX15AP) (Yes) (Wired) (15 € back in 2015) Pause button works for music playback (VLC, /e/OS). Very light bare bones in-ear headset, cable very sound-sensitive.

Confirmed to be partially compatible:

  • Manufacturer (Product name / number) (Microphone: yes/no) (Connection type: Bluetooth/Wired)(Price): Short info.

Confirmed to be incompatible:

  • Manufacturer (Product name / number) (Microphone: yes/no) (Connection type: Bluetooth/Wired)(Price): Short info.