FP3+ Lineage OS (LOS 18.1) Front camera stopped working

I’m not using often my front camera. But yesterday I had to find out that capturing a selfie is not working any more. Though I can see the preview. But when I make a selfie, the result is a completely green picture.

I’m using LOS18.1 (latest official built).

I did try different camera apps. My top-module works in a different FP3. In my FP3+ an old FP3 top-module works. A different FP3+ modules has the same effect.

Anyone else facing this problem?

Couple of weeks ago it did work. Thanks in advance.

PS For the moment I’m using the 8MP FP3 top-module.

Which OS is installed an that FP3? Sounds a bit like a problem with latest LOS build. So maybe follow-up here when the other FP3 is not on same OS?

The FP3 is running with stock rom.

Therefore I think too, it is a problem with one of the latest LOS 18.1 builds. In the LOS Thread I did check the last couple of weeks, but couldn’t find this problem.

I think the discussion is better in this thread, then in a thread with 358 postings right now.
But maybe I ask in this thread and link to this.

I did ask a colleague with a FP3+ running LOS18.1. Same problem.
Interesting using signal to make a selfie within signal messenger it works. Using a camera app will result in a green picture.

Seems to be a problem in the camera app. Different cameras (Google, grapheneos) work fine

I agree. You have a specific query.

Have added the OS version to the title to be even more specific for search purposes etc.

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I understand your intention but would not completely agree, as I dont know how Frequent the developer check the forum for spreaded topics around LOS issues, so I would def advise to put at least a note to the LOS topic. I know there have been at least some unofficial builds with new Kernels recently not sure if this was moved to official or LOS 19 unoffical or if this could have any effect. However in the past there have been issues with green tinted Selfies under Stock OS

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Just to share an example. Attached is one selfie:

My colleague has the same problem with newest LOS 18.1 build.

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So as/if this is casued by the latest LOS build and there is no workaround to use other Apps like open camera, you have to wait for the LOS developer to fix this.

Let me chime in here. I have a regular FP3 on LOS 18.1 (March 21 build) and installed the FP3+ camera modules some weeks ago.

I just made my first green selfie using the LOS stock Camera :nauseated_face:

Open Camera selfies are normal, as are those from my current Gcam mod.

Hope this helps those shooting the troubles!

I have confirmed the issue on my test phone. I am using the latest LineageOS build from 04.04.2022 and an FP3+. Interestingly enough, the video preview through the front camera works fine, only taking a picture is broken.
This may be related to https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/4536.
Thanks for reporting, will keep you guys posted with progress.


I could not identify any specific recent change that might have broken the built-in camera app. Alternative apps like OpenCamera appear to work fine. Since LineageOS 18.1 is going to be phased out soon I will not be able to spend more time on this topic, unfortunately.


Alternative apps like OpenCamera appear to work fine.

Unfortunately no : I tried to take a picture today, after a long long time, with OpenCamera.
And surprise : the app freeze and then “serious camera error” is reported on the screen.
This happen with both front and back cameras.
I used the latest build (lineage-18.1-20220418-nightly-FP3-signed.zip).

Since LineageOS 18.1 is going to be phased out soon

Woh, already replaced ? O.ô
It has not lasted even a year.
Well, I guess that’s also good news since it means we can have a more recent android kernel.

Yes. With the new blobs from 18.04., we have a new situation. Add-on cameras can’t take pictures. Will surely be fixed soon

With the latest LOS18.1 update (05/02/22) everything works again. Thank you very much @dk1978 and @TeamB58 !

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