FP3 keeps vibrating after water damage

I got my phone wet by accident, it fell into a sink with water, I took it out relatively fast but it seems not fast enough. Before I could turn it off, it showed an alert regarding an issue with the temperature of the battery. I opened it up (dismounted all the modules) and let it dry.
Now when I try to put back the battery, the led gets blue and it keeps vibrating non-stop, the same happens when I plug-in the charging cable without battery and with battery. Is this a problem with the core module?

Hi and welcome to the forum. There are many such incidents i suggest you search ‘water’

I will post links if you have problems but for future ref

  • First remove battery do not switch the phone off
  • Dismantle phone and look fir ’ red square’
  • Dry for at least two days before any attempt to reassemble
  • Whilst the phone is drying dobextensive searching of this forum

All the best

Hi Giuseppe,
As amoun says there’s a lot of good advice on the forum.
Patience is very important.
See the guide article which is also a good starting point. I recommend you to read it and maybe follow up some of the more than 20 topics that link to it …

If you need help testing modules you might be able to get in touch with a #fairphoneangel or another Fairphoner in your area who has a FP3.

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