FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update

actually this solved my “black-screen and never return” issue to restart/put off the battery …

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APN = Access Point Names

Find the APN settings of your provider
Now you can check the APN settings on your phone
Go to the app Settings
Choose Network & Internet
Tap on the name of your SIM provider
Scroll down and there you see Access Point Names
Tap on the name and check the settings.

If no name is shown there:
Click on the + (right upper corner of the screen)
Type the APN details of your provider
Then tap on the 3 dots (right upper corner of the screen) and tap on Save.


Just to add: resetting to default is the first thing I would do as the easier option and to be found under the 3 dots


This seems to have worked, thank you so much!!

However now the WiFi connection seems less stable, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence…

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Since I upgraded to Android 13, I’m no longer able to control which apps are running on my device.

To save battery, I kept apps that I rarely use closed by clicking on “force quit”. This worked until I upgraded to Android 13. Now, when I check these apps after a while, all of them are running again.

I tried to find out if this is a settings problem, but most of the posts I found deal with the question of apps autostarting after booting the phone.
It seems that it’s the Fairphone version of Android 13 that causes the issue

None of these apps have access to media, camera, mic… or are allowed to use mobile data in the background or to send notifications.

For me, this is a major problem also because I really try to keep control of my phone and my data as much as Google let’s me… Now the phone decides over my running apps. Really?

Is anyone else facing this problem? Any advice?

Hi hriu and welcome to the community forum.

Personally I’m not seeing this: the only apps I see running are those I’ve launched, or that are authorized to run in the background (and of course permanent services). Could you provide a list of apps that you feel shouldn’t be running but are? Could you also provide the build number of your OS version (go to Settings > About phone > Build number).

You should only be resorting to “force quit” with apps that freeze and become unresponsive. An app that you don’t want to use at all for long periods can be disabled, without actually uninstalling it.

As for saving battery, some apps will use less power if they’re allowed to run in the background, than if they’re stopped and started at intervals. They will also provide a better service. Mail apps are a typical example.

P.S. - If you wish to avoid Google you might consider moving to a different OS such as /e/ or Lineage. See

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Same Problem here on two FP3+. When I leave the WIFI, no automatic connection to mobil data. When I switch to flight mode for some seconds, the mobil data available.

Sometimes it also helps to switch from LTE to 3G/2G and back.

German T-Mobil (Congstar) Network

Hi OldRoutard,

thanks a lot for your answer! And thank you also for the link to the information on how to move away from Google (wasn’t possible when I bought the phone).

You should only be resorting to “force quit” with apps that freeze and become unresponsive. An app that you don’t want to use at all for long periods can be disabled, without actually uninstalling it.

Can you give me a hint about how to do that? If I go to settings → apps and choose from the list, I can only decide to “open”, “uninstall” or “force quit” the app. There’s no way for me to disable it. Also, if I press and hold the app icon in the app drawer, I can only uninstall it or add it to the home screen.

I know that constantly closing and opening apps results in faster battery drain, but it’s not about something like mail apps. I just want to close apps that I rarely use but want to keep on my phone because… I use them from time to time :). Here are some examples:

  • AirBnB: I use the app not more than once a year, I want to keep it, but I want to keep it closed.

  • Komoot: same like Airbnb.

  • Rocket chat: same like the two above, communication with a group of people that organize an event once a year, we don’t need the app the rest of the year.

  • F-Droid: I have all the apps I need on my phone, so I don’t need the app right now. But I can imagine that I want to download another app in the future, so I want to keep F-Droid, but I want it not to be running.

I quitted all these apps, but I noticed that they are back running after a couple of days. Any ideas…?

Edit: forgot the build number, 6.A.018.0

yes, I have this problem (among many others!) after upgrading to A13. After it gets locked in landscape mode, the only thing to do is to take the battery out and do a hard restart - it doesn’t respond to the power button after it crashes.

Alright, since I don’t see another way to add my list of woes to this thread except to reply… I updated to A13 about two weeks ago and it has seriously impacted the usability of my phone.

  1. my phone often doesn’t find mobile networks - I have to restart my phone, sometimes multiple times, until it finds a mobile connection. (I have two SIMs and either they both work, or neither)
  2. my phone randomly crashes. Sometimes even when I’m not using it… I go to use it, and I have to type in my PIN because it has restarted itself… and then it doesn’t find any network (see problem 1)…
  3. sometimes my phone locks up (for example, with landscape mode) and then the only way to fix it is to pull out the battery. (I have never pulled out my battery so many times as in the last two weeks… multiple times a day… it’s annoying)
  4. my SD memory card is often not recognized, and I get error messages to tell me that the memory card is not recognized
  5. I feel like my battery depletes faster than before the upgrade - before I would charge my phone once a day, now I often have to top it up during the day, and I have to carry a charger with me.
  6. the fingerprint sensor doesn’t work with my banking app, but this is a known problem and I guess I just have to put up with it.

I wish I had known how bad it would be before I clicked upgrade… I was much happier with my phone before the upgrade.

Hi Shaakuntaala,
I have exactly the same problem.
I tried reboot, set everything again… things get worse and worse.
There are problems with the battery, apps closing…
My FP3 is 3 years… i don’t want to replace it so early, but it is a real problem to me

It is interesting how many different effects this update has for different people.
On my phone I don’t have any of the bugs @juliadevi mentioned in this post (except the fingerprint reader, obviously - but I call it a regression, not a bug).

I have these issues instead:

  1. Sometimes when calling someone, there is just silence on the phone until the person picks up the phone. No ring indication sound, just dead air. (As others pointed out already, this does not happen when deactivating 4G and using only 2G [which is not really an option for me]).

  2. When doing a call, a small badge is showing in the notification bar, which is on top of other notifications and hiding them.

  3. When coming home, the phone stays connected to LTE and does not connect to Wifi automatically, as it did before. Just when I turn the screen on, it disconnects LTE and switches to Wifi after a few seconds. (Yes, the Wifi is set to “automatically connect”. And I already resetted all networking options.)

  4. Apps are working as fast as before, but scrolling is laggy and stuttering. This is in all apps, even in Android settings menu.

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I just noticed that the manual install file for Fairphone OS (Android 13) was released recently … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048050332.

With this, installing the phone from scratch with Fairphone OS (Android 13) becomes possible, i.e. a possibility (if interested) to troubleshoot whether observed issues are included in this Android 13 release, or whether they were the result of the in-place upgrading process and would be gone with an install from scratch.


I think it was mentioned to turn off VoLTE will help?

Or for those who like Auto-Rotate (which I dont as its too sensitive)


Right, I just updated the post, mentioning this workaround.
But this means fallback to 2G (3G is switched off in my country). It can be a temporary workaround for somebody, but is still something that needs to be fixed.

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Yes during the call and not always. No one says it should no be fixed and for the fix I guess you contacted support

Sure, I just added my list of observations as a reply to @juliadevi , saying that I don’t have these big annoying bugs, but some smaller, less annoying ones (which does not make the phone - in my case - unusable, like other people say in this thread).

I thought that these smaller bugs are still worth to be mentioned in a user forum. But in case this is not wanted, I will stop to post them, of course.
Sorry if I did something wrong.

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Have the same, but really that’s currently all I have in terms of “serious” bugs. My phone runs smooth 99% of the time (ever once in a while I have a very short “phone does nothing” - perhaps a second long, but then back to normal). Battery time might be slightly worse - instead of close to 4 days I get perhaps 3 days+, but admittedly with the new system on it, I use it much more browsing around, trying this or that…

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