FP3 How to repair broken shell?

Dear Fairphone community,

unfortunately, a torn and then glued part of the shell of my Fairphone has finally broken off (the broken-off part is missing).

Due to the high price of replacing the core module and for more sustainability, I would like to repair the broken part.

Do you have any ideas on how to repair it? And what type of plastic is the shell made of?

(Edit: Initial Monday morning nonsense deleted.)

Alternatively, the Fairphone 3 (not the Fairphone 3+) originally came with a simple bumper to put around the cover rim for extra protection. If the cracked corner doesn’t give you structural or functional deficiencies now, perhaps putting a bumper around it all might suffice? You could try to get one in the #market category (if you don’t have it already).


I think you will find that is the core rear module, surround, which by the way is not available in the market place, but not ‘too’ expensive.

It isn’t available as a user option and would void the warranty by a DIY replacement

The back cover does not surround the sides of the phone.
As for repair their are two options

  • Use a any hard setting 2 part resin or
  • Use a hard setting rubber

You will want to fashion and glue a small strip of very thin plastic to the inside and let that dry for a day or two. You could use double sided strip if you find something stiff enough to hold the curve, you can then fill from the outside and sand it down.

Once sanded use clear nail varnish to smooth the outer edge.

Even thought the rear module isn’t that expensive, personally I wouldn’t bother and yes the rear module is the same for the FP3 and the FP3+


Ah, thanks. Lazy me should have had a closer look at it :face_with_monocle:.

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Edited to say it’s the [rear module] :slight_smile:


I would get a protective case to prevent further damage. I do think the back cover on my FB3+ is too thin, part of it broke off at the bottom, was able to get a replacement, I always get a protective case because I have always been clumsy and I take the phone almost everywhere.

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Thank you for all your messages and sorry for my late reply. By core module, I meant the rear module, of course.

@AnotherElk, @lordreesmogg: Thanks for your tip, unfortunately I had bought the protective cover afterwards. As the screen had obviously failed due to moisture anyway, I would like to close the spot as best I can

@anon9989719: Thanks for the tip! I remodelled the missing part with a two-component methacrylate-based adhesive (Pattex 2K Stabilit Express, but any other or an epoxy-based adhesive will probably work just as well). Here is a short tutorial for anyone who has the same problem:

  1. separate the display from the case and stick a strip of adhesive tape around the curve of the display and around the bottom of the case.

  2. insert the display into the case and apply a thick layer of the mixed glue to the tape strip on the display.

  3. after the glue has cured (about one hour), carefully remove the display.

  4. sand the glue to the round shape with a file, also sand the underside so that the back cover fits on it, if necessary sand off excess material on the inside with a drill.

For me, it fit like a glove. There is only a minimal, almost invisible gap left, which is sealed by the protective cover.


Now some nice sparkly purple nail varnish around the rim :slight_smile:


@anon9989719: have to check if I have some purple nail polish left, but thanks for your inspirational tip :joy:

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Just rummage through your freinds’ handbags, if they are that fancy, else maybe find another friend. :slight_smile:

Or buy it as a present and then ask the other if you can try it out. :slight_smile:

or just buy one, you never know when it could be just the thing to make the day.

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Thank you for your tips I’ll give a try :grinning::grinning:

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