FP3: Hide network provider in notification bar?

Hey there,

I recently got my FP3 and so far I am loving it. Being a German living in France I use two SIM cards, thus the two network providers are shown in the top left of the notification bar (“free - MEDIONmobile”), see picture below. It is that much information that on the right side the symbols already get hidden.

I tried using the SystemUI Tuner by Zachary Wander but I could not switch it off. Oh, having the clock on the right side would be awesome, too, but it is not a priority.

Would anybody have an idea how to get rid of the network provider in the notification bar?

Thanks a lot, best greetings and happy new year everybody,


Toggle Settings > Display > Advanced > Network Name to “off”.


Oh dear, well… Thanks a lot, I knew about the existance of this toggle in android 9 and just didn’t manage to find it. Oh, but there is no easy way to move the clock to the right side?

Thanks again,


Please search the forum for existing questions and if you cannot find any, please start a new topic.