FP3 grill at the top?

Hi, this is probably going to be a very short thread, but I was wondering what the grill at the top of the phone screen is for? The one right next to the camera on the FP3 model. Tried to see if it was labelled on the teardown or any other schematic but couldn’t find it. I am guessing it’s not a speaker, as I can’t hear any sound coming out (unless it’s defective), and it would be a strange place to put a microphone based on he you traditionally hold a phone. Is it a light sensor or something? I’m very curious! Also this is my first post in this community. Hi everyone!


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If you mean the U-shaped thing that is in a central position on the top end of the display module, that is indeed the earspeaker. It should sound when you are having phone call in the traditional manner :wink: (i.e. holding the display side against your ear and cheek). When you play music or videos and the display is active, you should usually hear the external speaker instead (or more prominently) – at the bottom of the long slim side of the phone.

If you still think it might be defective, Fairphone OS offers a large range of hardware tests if you dial * # * # 6 6 # * # *

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This test comes under > Service Tests > Test single > Receiver


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