FP3+ got wet. Screen lock not opening

So I was on a long 5 days hike over the weekend and one day it was raining. I had my FP3+ in my goretex jacket pocket and at one poing I feel the vibrating constantly as the phone is switchin itself on over and over again. Went to a shelter from the rain and had a look. As I thought the phone was constantly switchint itself on. I could see the Fairphone logo popping up and then it went black and then the same happened again.

I took out the battery and put the pieces in a plastic bag. I wish I had done that before the rain but I guess I trusted the goretex, silly me.

So after the rain I took a look at the phone better. I thought it was obvious that it had got wet. I could see the water inside the phone module’s lenses, for instance.

Unfortunately, as I was on a hike, I had no chance to open the phone until yesterday when I got home. The metals as well as the pins on the inside of the display module were full of this white stuff which I thought was caused by the water.

I let the parts dry for 2 days and today took off all the other modules as well. They seemed to be without any harm but to be safe I cleaned all the contact pins and parts of the modules and cleaned that white stuff with alcohol.

Now the phone switches on as it should, but when I try to open the screen lock (swipe up), it just bounces back down. Just like the way if you don´t swipe up enough when you open the lock.

Also the date and time is of. It keeps showing June 6th and the time is always 11.59 when I switch on the phone.

Do you think there´s anything to be done? Open it up again and just let it dry for longer maybe?

First question did you throw everything into RICE


So it sounds like the problem is the touch screen or a connection with the touch screen.

I would recommend that you completely dismantle the phone and clean every part with isopropyl alcohol (not water, you could do more damage) wait for it to dry and then reassemble it and test it. (If you don’t feel comfortable doing this you could contact your local fairphone angel https://angels.fairphone.community/ )

If this doesn’t work you could contact your local fairphone angel in the hope that they have spare parts to test and see what’s working


Yeah I pretty much did this. I didn´t help so I opened everything up again and just let it dry for a couple of more days.

No I didn´t. I just kept it open in the sun and when I got home I put it ina a bag with silica gel bags.


Sounds like you did everything good, some parts might be broken, so I would recommend that you contact your local fairphone angel so that you can test different parts


Hopefully not, thats an outdated advice.


As others pointed out, not good advice, see waterwiki (aka neveruserice).

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Sorry I apologize for the wrong instructions

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Is this what they call sarcasm?

I don’t think so. It was well a true apology for bringing up the rice advice.


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