FP3 free *brand new* bottom module

I have a spare bottom module to give away for free!

I bought a bottom module from FP website, thinking it would repair my phone. It didn’t so FP gave me a refund and said I could keep the new module, rather than send it back to them, to save on CO2 emissions.

So it’s going free for whoever wants it. I’ll even pay postage if it’s a UK address.

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Hi ZKM, welcome to the community forum and thanks for your generous offer :slightly_smiling_face:

You might like to donate it to one of the #fairphoneangels in the UK.


Hi I’m near Plymouth UK and it would be useful with PM you

Thanks for this tip. Are you able to send me any contact info?

Annoyingly, when I click on the contact link for the fairphone angels, I have to sign into outlook, or link my email up with Microsoft which I don’t want to do, in order to view their contact details.

Hi there,

My bottom module has recently broke so am looking for a replacement but am in the UK and struggling to get one shipped. I’m happy to pay postage. Is it still available?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

I’m a Fairphone Angel in the South West, Plymouth/Bristol

  • I had asked for this two weeks ago by private message and heard nothing yet

  • I don’t see any problem in buying one ??

  • So if you are nearby let me know

Hi Sam yes it is!

Let me know your address and ill post it. If its more than a few quid I’ll let you know.

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By the way Sam what is the problem with the bottom module ?

Great thanks!!

[note moderator] removed address. Please send your address by PM to ZKM
As it’s not safe to put your address here.


The phone will no longer charge. And the charging port smells of burning. I’ve cleared it extensively but not working with a variety of chargers and plugs.

Re your point about buying one, I realised I was on the EU website so that’s why I wasn’t seeing shopping options to UK

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There is only one site fairphone.com then select UK as the language ~ top right.

Hope this new module sorts the problem,