FP3/FP4 bottom module/USB Port: Out of stock, Fairphone has deeper resupply problems?

The FP3 bottom module out of stock, again, I think that is a huge problem.
Whats going on at fairphone? In germany it’s nearly unpossible to get a new replacement part for 3 months (on cyberport the announced restock is at september the 7th, crazy).
In Berlin heaven all my 3 replacement bottom modules are in somesomes phone, waiting for resupply. Some of them are switching to cheap replacement phones, they are lost and disapointed and I can’t blame them. What’s a repairable phone without spare parts (maybe I’m to pessimistic, but I have FP2 spare parts out of stock flash backs).

I know, nobody from fairphone reads this, but maybe someone of you has more insights?

And btw. the new fairphone store is a mess, no mail reminder service anymore, if parts are back in stock. No search, no filtering for your FP model, you have to manually step through all the parts (apart from the fact that the shop sites have super slow loading times, compared to all the other fp sites)
Sorry for the rant, it’s just disappointing :frowning:


Just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet, this is what I believe is the latest (one month ago) on FP3 bottom module availability:

If anyone noticed any newer status, let us know.


It’s incredibly disappointing, and the lack of customer care – i.e., the Fairphone company doesn’t seem to care about its customers at all – is beyond disappointing. At least the rotten, money-grubbing major companies manage to put up an appearance of caring (and are more responsive to problems).


due to the fact that this module is not available in the store and apparently sold out everywhere for a year, can someone say whether this spare part is still produced?

Thanks and greetings


Thank you very much for this fast information!
It’s unfortunately too long, if the device is unchargeable :frowning:

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Only possible workaround would be an external charger I guess


Will this be paid for by Fairphone?
Apparently this bottom-module problem has been know of for quite some time, and yet we are expected not only to pay for a replacement, but also to wait for months until it becomes available? This gives the whole “right-to-repair” concept a bad name.

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My FP4 took a tumble and fell on the USB cable’s plug last night. The USB-C port is now quite loose. It works fine, but I figured I’d order a replacement before it fails.

I went to my local carrier of Fairphone products and accessories, and they have everything in stock BUT the USB-C port module.

So I went to the Fairphone shop directly, and - surprise - I can add everything in their list of spares BUT the USB-C port module: I mean the shopping cart popup thing appears but it’s empty.

I have a third option, which is to order from some online-only phone accessories distributor that looks sketchy as fuck, that seems to have this module in stock, but I’d rather not.

Is something wrong with the availability of this particular spare part? It seems that if anything needs replacing more often than any other component in a phone, it’s the USB jack.

Have you had a look inside your FP4? Maybe the parts (i.e. the Loudspeaker that covers it and the screw that holds the USB port) just need to be tightened.

Other than that, I can only confirm that currently the FP4 USB-C port is shown as out of stock in the Fairphone Shop (Vireo has no stock either right now). Sent you a PM about this.

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I’ll take a peek. But it feels like the plug itself has been forcibly enlarged.

That’s fine, as long as it works.

That is… underwhelming.

And the fact that they don’t list the part as out of stock but simply leave the shop broken is, well, more than a little concerning, particularly in light of other things they’re not doing…

EDIT: nevermind nevermind… I’m too stupid to work the intarwebs. See below.

If you actually click at the part to get to the individual product page, it says “out of stock”.

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Oh yeah… Hella confusing. Normally when something’s out of stock, the “Add to cart” button is disabled (and it says right on the main listing page).

Okay then nevermind. Fairphone just has a confusing web store - and you’re a lot more clever than I am :slight_smile:

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Time again for magnetic cable broken record to avoid wear out that fast…


It’s very tempting, especially since I have a very lively cat that loves pulling on cables :slight_smile:

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