FP3+ for sale within Europe (mint condition)

Hi all, I’m selling an used FP3+ but the condition is mint, is like new, never used outside, I don’t get used to 6 inches phones.

The phone has currently the latest Ubuntu Touch version installed and it runs smoothly, no display glitches and also Waydroid runs very well (android subsystem), I can send more images if needed.

If you prefer I can install FairphoneOS, e/OS, iode or LineageOS, all of them run pretty well on this phone.

The phone has no longer official warranty but like I said it runs smoothly and was never carried outside, is like new (mint condition).

I’m selling it for 350€ (including shipping costs within Europe in the price), I only accept PayPal and payment in advance before shipping, don’t ping me for other payment options or ridiculous offers or half-money payment before shipping, etc.

Thanks and regards.

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Hi all, I’m lowering the price to 300€ (shipping included) and the phone has now latest FairphoneOS (FP3-REL-8901.4.A.0017.3) installed (oem lock) and ready to go. Anyone interested?

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