[FP3] Fairphone parts available (everything but core module & rear cam)

My FP3 brutally stopped working, no response, I am pretty sure it’s the motherboard/core module so I’m giving it up because the cost of repair is around €260. I’m willing to sell the parts as everything but the core is in very good condition (*)
The phone is 3 years old but the screen was replaced in May 2022. You can see on the pictures it has only 2-3 minor scratches, only visible with black screen.
The battery is in good condition too.
If you are interested please make offer. I can ship or maybe deliver in person if you live in southern France
Invoices available for phone and screen replacement.

(*) except for the rear cam module, which has a broken glass (see pictures) - does not block taking pictures but creates a halo effect at night.

for some reason i am not allowed to attach any file so here are the photos in an external pdf link, its only valid for 1 week so message me if you see this topic afterwards thanks

edit : this one should last a little longer

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Hi there,

I’d like to buy the bottom module if possible. I would pay the shopping costs to UK. Is it still available?



Yes it is available. I’m away atm but will check tonight for the price and costs.
So far only the screen is gone.

Hi Sam,
Would you be okay for €15 / £13 + shipping ?

Hi Sam,
Are you still interested in my fairphone parts ?

Hi, if it’s still available I’m interested, as much for spare parts for the Nantes heaven as well as to repair the rear module of my FP3 I slightly damaged (so I don’t care if the motherboard is dead, I just need the frame) :slight_smile:
You should have received a DM from me (en français :wink:)

thank you Alex, i’ll read your DM straight away

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