FP3 : Fairphone Open OS?

Did you check the last posts that were merged into this thread?

It’s not an official open OS by Fairphone but it comes with all the perks why most of us are waiting for it :slight_smile:


ey thank you!
I did not see that… I’m a bit confused by the forum here tbh…
thx :slight_smile:

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Alas no news here of Fairphone Open… :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry:

+1 to that, mohican. :slight_smile:

As Corona (Covid 19) is disrupting the whole world it will definitely delay the development of an Open Os for the Fairphone 3,
For the people of Fairphone, please take care of yourself, health is more important than an Open Os for the Fairphone 3,

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Do you know if there is a development from Fairphone?


I can’t tell where they are in the moment. I don’t know.

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Hello @mohican at e.foundation, they already develop an OS named /e/OS which is 100% totally free from Google! it’s been 2 years the team is working on this OS. It’s now compatible with 90+ phones, including the FP2.
And the good news is, according to the last news, they are currently working on FP3: https://mastodon.social/@e_mydata

So keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


On Fairphone’s own Open website, nothing new for one year now…
Untill people understand having its own root access to one’s phone is the only way to prevent others owning it, we’ll probably stay with ‘the system most users prefer’.
Which is also the one that flows Fairphone financially, for if this minuscule flock of us concerned was to do it, the handsets would probably cost ten times more.
But all in all, here we keep stuck with our models 1 and 2…


Don’t worry; /e/OS is developing support for Fairphone3 and it is more de-googled than Fairphone Open was.
See this topic: /e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)


Is there any news somewhere regarding porting Lineage OS to FP3 ?

See here:


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@rae @lorahaspels: Are Fairphone still “currently investigating the possibility of making Fairphone Open available on Fairphone 3”, or does the new partnership with /e/ take the place of Fairphone Open OS on the Fairphone 3?


Very significant question. Given that nothing at all happened on Fairphone Open for more than one year, I’m pessimistic.
Now, the presence of F-Droid on /e/ is at least a very big relief, compared to Sailfish implementations for instance. And unless I was mistaken, cheking the bugs in /e/ Fairphone developments led me to a single one (on sound), which too is very positive.
But I fully agree with you and am intensely waiting for the answer to your question!!

I just asked to perhaps bring closure to this topic.
/e/ seems a reasonable choice if they wanted to do such a partnership, and now that the partnership is there, why commit resources to an own Open OS? I could understand that.

/e/ is an Android OS, and F-Droid is an Android App, you should be able to install and use it on every Android OS.

Sailfish is not an Android OS, and the Android compatibility solutions on Sailfish were and are not perfect. To compare that with Android makes not much sense. Sailfish is working fine for itself.


Hi @AnotherElk,

Thanks for tagging me. To answer your question…we don’t know yet. Making an alternative OS is resource consuming, so we don’t know right now if and when we can start doing that. What we know for sure is that this partnership will be super beneficial for our users to have a real and robust alternative to the stock Android. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m shocked to learn Labour Day is not a public holiday in the Netherlands. So, keep up the good work today while most of us are loafing around (I guess), much appreciated :wink: .


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