FP3 : Fairphone Open OS?

Though I understand your frustration.
The cover-design is hardly conflicting with software development when it comes to importance, as this is surely done by different people.
I even would guess, that such a thing as the protective-cover are a by-product of developing/designing the phone. It just needs some fine-tuning and deciding on the colors. :wink:


It took google(alphabet) decades, thousands of people, and huge sums of money to develop the way it is today, and the presence of android is everywhere!

However, there are plenty of resourceful developers willing to work for free for the right cause, all you have to do is organize them in the same way google did once. As you know the secret to building anything is communication.

Google are not that bad if you don’t feel self-important. Maybe we have to work with a monster to make it less monster?

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I agree with you but it has been discussed already that the focus of Fairphone is not on the software, but on the hardware. That thread also exploded in activity within hours so it’s clear there’s an interest in having protective cases, and that means another source of income and potentially visibility for the brand. I assume the cases are also manufactured with sustainability in mind, too.

At this point it’s clear that we rely on the community to make the FP3 run a more privacy-friendly OS. It would be great if the company itself got invested but I don’t see that happening any time soon, especially since it’s not an easy task by no means.

So as it’s been said before, let’s tackle things one at the time.


That was just not the case for Fairphones 1 and 2

This is exactly the opposite of what I’m waiting for.
I’m waiting for Fairphone Open to be validated, by Fairphone, on model 3. Not try by myself something nobody will feel responsible of…
Where to check : https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fairphone-2-official-releases.html#fairphone-open-versions
Last update, in a long series, was in December (for Fairphones 2…)

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Having attention to the software part does not detract from respect for the mankind.

Having control over the software is not only for privacy but it refers to the control over billions of people (passive and active): I rightly believe that it has, for now in a less bloody way, influence on people’s freedoms.

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My Fairphone 2 got damaged… But I only will buy a FP3 when there is Fairphone Open OS because it was one of the major aspects (ofcourse that it is fair too) for me when I bought the FP2 back in the days.
So long I’ll stay on my damaged FP2.
Please, for the love of god, add the FP Open OS!


Did you check the last posts that were merged into this thread?

It’s not an official open OS by Fairphone but it comes with all the perks why most of us are waiting for it :slight_smile:


ey thank you!
I did not see that… I’m a bit confused by the forum here tbh…
thx :slight_smile:

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Alas no news here of Fairphone Open… :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry:

+1 to that, mohican. :slight_smile:

As Corona (Covid 19) is disrupting the whole world it will definitely delay the development of an Open Os for the Fairphone 3,
For the people of Fairphone, please take care of yourself, health is more important than an Open Os for the Fairphone 3,

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Do you know if there is a development from Fairphone?


I can’t tell where they are in the moment. I don’t know.

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Hello @mohican at e.foundation, they already develop an OS named /e/OS which is 100% totally free from Google! it’s been 2 years the team is working on this OS. It’s now compatible with 90+ phones, including the FP2.
And the good news is, according to the last news, they are currently working on FP3: https://mastodon.social/@e_mydata

So keep an eye on this :slight_smile:


On Fairphone’s own Open website, nothing new for one year now…
Untill people understand having its own root access to one’s phone is the only way to prevent others owning it, we’ll probably stay with ‘the system most users prefer’.
Which is also the one that flows Fairphone financially, for if this minuscule flock of us concerned was to do it, the handsets would probably cost ten times more.
But all in all, here we keep stuck with our models 1 and 2…


Don’t worry; /e/OS is developing support for Fairphone3 and it is more de-googled than Fairphone Open was.
See this topic: /e/ for FP3 (Google free OS)


Is there any news somewhere regarding porting Lineage OS to FP3 ?

See here:


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