FP3+: Facebook & Instagram Apps don't open

Hi, I just bought a new FP3+, but the Facebook & Instagram Apps don’t open. I’m using Android 10. Does anybody know this problem?

Hi. Not that I use either but how did you install them: via the G play store or otherwise?

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Hi, I installed them by the G play store.

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Original Firmware?
Any Firewall installed and running?

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Problem solved: I use a memory card and formatted it as an extension of the internal storage. After that the phone suggested to move some data to that memory card, which I allowed. Obviously, it moved also the folders for Facebook and Instagram. I installed FB and IG after that, but there seems to be a problem with the memory card. I solved the problem by formatting the memory card as mobile storage. Then I moved back the system folders to the internal storage. Now it works. Thank you for thinking about the problem with me.


Most probably it’s a known Android problem and you avoided possible data loss by acting fast, well done. See #sdcardguide .


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