🇩🇪 🇬🇧 FP3+ erkennt nur wenige Ladekabel / FP3 + only recognizes a few charging cables

Ich nutze seit wenigen Monaten mein erstes FP, ein 3±Modell.
Das Ladekabel von meinem bisherigen Handy (LG irgendwas) wird problemlos erkannt, das Aufladen klappt einwandfrei (Die letzten 3% bis 100% brauchen ungewöhnlich lange, aber okay.)

Aber: Sonst erkennt das FP kein weiteres Ladekabel, nicht das von meinem aktuellen Samsung (Diensthandy), keine anderen aus unserer Schublade, keine von Kollegen. Verwirrend ist, dass das Aufladen mit dem Samsung-Kabel schon geklappt hat.

Um nicht immer ein Ladekabel rumschleppen zu müssen, hatte wir mehrere Kabel verteilt (Büro, Arbeitszimmer, Wohnzimmer, Auto.). Ich kann bei FP weitere Kabel kaufen, aber das ist bzgl. Nachhaltigkeit nicht Sinn der Sache.

Hat jemand eine Idee?

Beste Grüße, Martin

I’ve been using my first FP, a 3+ model, for a few months.
The charging cable from my previous cell phone (LG something) is recognized without any problems, the charging works flawlessly (the last 3% to 100% take an unusually long time, but okay.)

But: Otherwise the FP will not recognize another charging cable, not the one from my current Samsung (company cell phone), no others from our drawer, none from colleagues. It is confusing that charging with the Samsung cable already worked.

In order not to have to lug around a charging cable, we had distributed several cables (office, study, living room, car.). I can buy more cables from FP, but that’s not the point in terms of sustainability.

Does somebody has any idea?

Best regards, Martin

Will the other cables not be recognised at all, or is the phone just keeping charge or charging very slowly with them while displaying the charging indicator?

In general the least trouble is expected with chargers and cables which are USB-IF certified … Charging speed problems? Use USB-IF certified cables!

Even if you just had the phone for a few months, it might be worth to check whether there’s dust or lint in the port, keeping cables from connecting successfully. A needle or something similar might help to carefully (!) get stuff out of the port, if there is any.

Fairphone initially said the last 10% would be charged slower to go easy on the battery, but chargers and the phone are negotiating what to do when charging, perhaps there’s room for debate between the two :slight_smile: .

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