FP3 doesn't show up in the car via USB


When I plug my FP3 in the USB port of my car nothing happen, I can’t listen to music. Only the phone charge.

I own the USB cable provided by Fairphone.

Also I don’t want to use google so I tried different alternative stuff found on the internet on this topic but still nothing.

Does anyone has some ideas ?


I suppose you tried to select “File Transfer” in the according pull-down menu (“Charging this device via USB, Tap for more options.”) which appeared after you connected your device to the USB port and unlocked it, right?


Yes I tried that and every other option in that menu but nothing changed.

Did it work with another phone?
Can’t you connect using Bluetooth?
Does the radio/car show any files of the phone when connected?

I guess, it is a USB port that is meant for data transfer?
Have you used it with other phones before?
From my experience, there are different ports in cars.
Ones that are connected to the battery and others that are connected to the audio equipment.


thanks for the help.

Yes it worked very well with my old iphone 5S. And I’m sure I’m using the right port.
My car is a Peugeot 308 2nd generation.
Didn’t tried in bluetooth because I prefer using it with usb.
The system of the the car don’t show anything from the phone.

Really nothing happen apart the phone charges.

Also I tried AutoMate but still nothing.

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Have you tried another cable?
Even though it’s the original Fairphone cable, doesn’t mean, this one can not have a broken wire.

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Just to check the setup and cabling: if you have a PC, can you access the audio files of the phone from there?

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It is usually a cable issue. You should test with your computer : if you have access to files on the phone it should also work in your car (Android Auto…etc). If not, it means your cable is probably not USB-IF certified.
I discovered that with my FP2 and the test has never failed : doesn’t work in the car = not USB-IF certified cable…

Thanks to all.

The USB cable is the one provided by Fairphone and I tested it with my computer and there is no issue with it, I have access to everything in the phone, I can play music or video with no issue.

So it’s not the cable and it’s not the car because my iphone still works with it.

Like I said I don’t want to use google on my phone so I de-activated all google apps. I’m using vlc as media player and I tried AutoMate in place of Android Auto.

I don’t get it why it isn’t working… but I read somewhere that it could be that the phone is to slow to access the sd card and since the car is checking too fast for media the process is failing. Could it be that ?

Any other suggestion ?

Oooops! Sorry, didn’t see!
I own a 5008 2nd generation which has the same entervtainment system as yours and my FP3 works fine.
Have you been in the developer options to activate usb debug and choose usb mode (file transfer). I have re-read the previous posts and it doesn’t appear clearly that you have.

Not sure of the developer options. If you talk about usb preference I did check the file transfer option but I can only do that when the phone is connected and everything goes instantly gray and unchecked if I take off the cable.
So I need to do it every time again.

Ok I found the developer options and I checked the transfer file option as default.
I also tried the usb debug option.
Unfortunately that didn’t change anything, still not working when I plug the phone in the car, nothing happen.
@tomgey Do you use google apps ? Do you use Android auto ?
I don’t want google apps but maybe I have to try Android auto even I don’t get it why we need it and why our phones are not plug and play…
But didn’t found Android auto on the play store. Where can I get it ?
I don’t get it why it si so difficult and why we need to go trough the developer mode, this should be more user friendly.

Yes, I (still) use G00gle apps quite a lot.
That may explain why it won’t work in your car through USB because, the way I understand the system, it all goes through Carplay (for Apple), Android Auto or Mirroscreen interface.
There is AFAIK no way of using your smartphone as if it was a simple usb stick and have your music on the car’s screen. You have to go through proprietary interfaces I’m afraid…

Yes that is true, it makes sure you can’t steal someone’s files just by connecting their phone to a random computer. You need to unlock the phone to start browsing its files.


Die you try the connection also before you did this. Although i can understand the deactivation it still could be the reason why it’s not working now.

I might be on the wrong path here, but connecting via USB I only know if the car has “Apple Car Play” installed in order to support iPhones (which then works with the supported Apple apps installed on your phone) and “Android Auto” installed for Android phones like the FP, which then also will only work with the apps supported by Android Auto (e.g. Google Maps, Spotify, VLC, …)

Maybe the car does only support USB data storage mediums like flash drives and hard disks? The phone does not exactly behave like a data storage medium, so it is incompatible with devices which are expecting them.

For example, my dad’s car does also not recognize my FP2 and shows an error message.

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