FP3 doesn't find mobile network

My mobile operator changed and after I inserted a new SIM card, I haven’t been able to really use the phone. First it didn’t ask for the PIN code for the card, even though it did recognize there is one inside. After I was able to solve this, it still doesn’t connect to mobile network, just claims it isn’t available. I have been in touch with my operator and to them it looks like everything should be just fine, up and running.

Hi juutana and welcome to the community forum.

Are you able to make phone calls?

Have you checked that APN records have been created and that they are correct? Go to:
Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Access point names
If you need help with this, please indicate your mobile operator’s company name and country.

It’s possible you may have to reset network settings. This is a nuisance, because you would lose all your Wi-Fi passwords and Bluetooth pairings. This can be done by going to

Settings > System > Reset options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth

Be careful to select that option and none other, and don’t do it yet in any case, until we’ve eliminated other possibilities.

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