FP3 doesn't charge anymore

Hi everybody,

My FP3 doesn’t charge anymore since today. I tried out multiple chargers, cables and outlets - they all don’t charge my phone anymore. It doesn’t vibrate when something is plugged in and instead of blinking red, it just stays red on top.

I opened up my FP3 but everything looks fine. The battery looks pristine, the connectors are clean, the USB port is clean, everything’s orderly. Is it maybe a software issue?

I am thinking about ordering a new bottom module but I don’t know if that will solve it.

Edit: I shut down my phone and plugged it in, now it says it charges but I don’t think it actually does, and it constantly vibrates and calls the screen with the battery percentage

If you are lucky there is a Fairphone Angel in your neighbourhood and the Angel has a bottom module for a Fairphone 3 to test your phone.


thanks, I contected my local angel

Hello everybody,
I had exacltly the same problem last week (and even stupidely ordered a new battery). Maybe it s linked to the new system update i recently did, though the phone took the rain last wedneday and i should have been more carefull and dry it open.

When shut down and plugged to many different chargers, it constantly vibrated and was showing the FP logo and a constant battery %. (when on, it didnt charge as well)
I cleaned everything i could (port, bottom module etc). And it started to charge again after a few reboot.

But now, it does not charge on USB cable on a desktop (or laptop) and all “usb options” are greyed, i cant access them anymore. If shutdown, it does the same thing as few days ago, vibrate and no charge …
I dont see any reason why the “usb option” menu would be blocked now…

ok, it s back to normal, i had to edit usb preference out of any usb connexion