FP3 doesn´t charge

Hello everybody,
my Fairphone 3 has been having problems charging for about a week. At first it would only charge at a certain angle and eventually only very slowly, so I bought a different cable, because I thought it was broken. With the new cable, it does charge but only from time and time and I can´t figure out why that ist. sometimes it also displays the “Charging slowly” message.
It has never been water damaged and I don´t have any other problems. Once charged, the battery lasts a normal time.
My next step would be to replace one of the parts (I don´t know exactly which is necessary for charging) but I don´t want to do that without first understanding the issue.
I hope someone can help me,
Thanks for reading.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

It happens quite a few times, have you read many of the other topics on this?

Most likely debris in the port of the phone, not easy to clean but with a good magnifier and light a very thin needle may be of use.


There are quite a few topics about this “slow charging”: Search results for 'slow charge' - Fairphone Community Forum.


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