FP3 does not want to start - screen remains black but vibrates every few seconds

Hi, I tried to restart my FP3, but suddenly it seems nearly dead… Screen remains black, no splashscreen appears, it just vibrates every few seconds until I remove the battery.
Battery was not fully charged when I tried to restart the phone, but not extremely low either.
I tried:

  • removing the battery for some time
  • rebooting > I can enter the reboot mode, but even after choosing ‘reboot’ it does not want to start, the screen remains black and the vibration continues.
    Anyone suggestions on how to solve the issue?

The issue is solved! How? By being patient and doing nothing, just giving the phone an overnight rest. Battery needed some time to cool down?? No idea…
I will not delete my original post, just in case someone else has the same problem.


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