FP3 does not turn on after firmware update

After yesterdays security updates my FP3 does not turn on again. The FP3 was connected to power while the update was running. After update complete the FP3 does not turn on again.

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What exactly means ‚does not turn on‘?
Is the telephone doing nothing after pressing the power button? Or does just the screen showing nothing, but the phone vibrates and the status LED is on?


The phone is doing nothing. Nothing is shown on the screen; no vibration at all. Also factory reset by pressing power-on and volume-down button for 10 seconds - no reaction.

Hi Have you tried removing the battery for a few minutes and can you check the battery voltage?

Is this same whilst plugged in an not?

If none of the above change anything and the phone is less than two years old you can ask official support to check under warranty, they may at least give some other ideas.

Failing that I would dismantle the phone and reassemble it to see if that moves something into ‘life’.

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Yes, I have removed the battery for a few minutes and retryed to power-on with no sucess. Power-on with no battery installed and only the power-supply connected does also not work. I have to check the warranty. Thanks

That’s not a factory reset, but would boot your FP in fastboot/bootloader modus.

If the FP is not booting normally, nor in recovery (vol-up + power) nor fastboot, it sounds similar to this


According to Fairphone’s own pages it is the recommended option to do a factory reset when the phone doesn’t boot, though sadly this was not an option either it seems.

Erase all data (factory reset)

Fairphone starts normally

If your FP3/FP3+ starts normally, perform a factory reset via the Settings menu.
When possible, we recommend using this procedure to avoid triggering the Factory Reset Protection (FRP). You can read more details at the end of this article
. . . . .

Fairphone does not boot anymore

If your FP3/FP3+ does not boot into Android anymore, you will have to perform the reset using the system recovery:

  1. Press and hold together the Power button and the Volume Down button for about 10 seconds


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Yes you have to use the system somehow, just pressing buttons for 10 seconds will def not perform a factory reset.


No reaction at all by pressing the two buttons.

As the warranty is just 2 months over the 24 months, I have to try to send it in for repair.

Or is there any idea which part could be broken, so that I can replace the broken part by myself?

If FP don’t undertake repair under the warranty, this might be the time to look round for a #fairphoneangel although obviously sanitary conditions may be a complication. The idea being to swap some parts to see which one you need to replace.

Sorry if I mislead you somewhere as the phone will not power on from the mains ~ only the battery, can you check the battery voltage?

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