FP3 default OS is ..?


I can not find in the info, if the default OS that will be installed when I continue to do the first start setup, is the Google free Android, as mentioned here


You can buy it preinstalled from Murena, however else FPOS comes with Google and you would have to manually install another OS, after the initial setup


Ah, so the FairphoneOS
✏ Operating Systems for Fairphones
is not only based on Android, but also still includes Google services (…)?!

Then, I think it is very confusing to read " Google-free Android" on this page
that links to
Open Source and Fairphone, what we believe in - Fairphone
that links to
that links again to
https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/9979154556817 :wink:

Yes Fairphone uses the Open Source Android [ASOP] as a base and then incorporate standard Google services and apps for the common user that wants an easy to use phone that can be updated over the air.

Murena are more fussy and don’t use Google service etc. but there is a connection

The links are only a direction the the de-googled idea

What are you looking for?

Hmmm, they talk about Google Free Android and not Google Free Fairphone OS, so I guess the articles are fine and clearly state that FP Open OS was only for the FP2…

Reg “Google free” some discussions

No, it is not. By default a FP3 has Fairphone OS (FPOS for short), which is a pretty close to stock Android including Google services.

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