FP3 dead from one moment to the next - SECOND TIME

Hi folks,

long time no see - maybe some of you remember me somehow.

My topic tonight is yet another old topic with my FP3.
Dec 2022 my first FP3 died from one moment to the other ( see FP3 dead from one moment to the next [SOLVED] )

I’ve sent it back to Fairphone for repair since it was still just within the 2 year guarantee and was happy that the almost 2 year old device was quickly repaired for free (-> guarantee) by replacing the mainboard which had a “sudden death”. This was “kinda typical” for some FP3 devices as you can see within several older topic from others on this forum.

However, as you can see by the topic: Even not 2 years later I had the same effect just about half an hour ago.
Had a phone call with my brother who lost a key. I got into my car and drove to him to pick him up - 10 minutes distance - just to realize that within this 10 minutes my FP3 died again a sudden death. It was safely placed on the seat next to me. No physical damage etc - but since then it is simply dead.

I never disassembled it and just thought about doing so. But just as I removed thee back-cover of it I realized that the Fairphone repair shop (that one in france) apparently didn´t do their job very properly since several of the screws which hold the components are not in a good state so I decided not to give it even a try to disassemple it since any small screwdriver would rather fail on these hard treated screws :frowning:

It’s really disappointing. My Fairphone 3 died 2 times fully & fatally even before reaching its 4th year.

My question right now is: Does anyone of you know if the guarantee is prolonged for 2 years (inside EU/Germany) after a device was already repaired within the first 2 year guarantee?
I assume that it is not the case but maybe someone of you knows it much better than me.

For me the only and last try I would give towards Fairphone would be if the device would be repaired for free under guarantee again.

In gerneral I think (just my opinion …) that any electronical device which dies before the 5th year is like money thown directly into the trash bin.
Therefore, it makes me very sad to experience that i have this very bad luck in my personal experience with the trademark Fairphone because I loved the philosophy of this company (and also all the so very helpful people here in the forum).

However, like I already mentioned above: with such an experience I will for sure refrain from throwing some money into any sort of repair of this device or into any plans of buying a newer/repaired/refurbished FP … sad but true …

So maybe soon you’ll see my dead device here for that you have a chance to bid on the spare parts - I’ll think about such an option once I know more about a possible still existing repair under warranty/guarantee.


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This was discussed here somehow sometime before and I think you dont have warranty again, although in my opinion you should have warranty on the replacement part. Either way I would go back to Fairphone to talk to them. The problem I see is, that they dont know about all those sudeen death cases as people dont dare to tell them once out of warranty so their stats dont see an issue. I would nicely insist in something as a gesture of goodwill. Only talking to Fairphone will helpy you to come to some solution.


Many thanks for your reply @yvmuell

I had some time to think about it all and decided to order a new/different device which will hopefully stay on my side 5+ years; looking for new experiences with a different manufacturer since I actually need a mobile that I can rely 100% on.

My life’s too “rough” actually due to family and business “thingies” to spent too much time with installations/configurations/clarifications about warranty etc. - but that’s my personal stuff that shall not bother anyone else here :wink:

I’ll definitely will reach out to FP - to give them feedback about this situation and my (consumer) decisions for that they got something to improve on.
But I won´t turn my back fully to FP since they are no bad company like so much others (- as we all know :wink: )

I have no expectations that they may fix that device for free and I’m actually also not sure if I would like to continue to invest trust that after another repair the mainboard will not die soon again (not to mention the efforts of sending back, waiting & hoping that everything now will run fine … etc …).

To me it seems to be an unlucky hardware design - call it FP3’s curse.

Since the rest of the FP3’s components seem to be still in a fine condition I actually rather think about donating it to the ones that support all the other users on here. I’m still sure that the rest of the device may help someone else and I’m not interested in selling the components for my own profit (nah, I don’t need that money - especially if may helpful someone else)

@urs_lesse / @yvmuell or anyone else that supports this community: Please guide me a bit where a good ‘last’ place for my FP may be - no hurry about it. I’m sure we’ll find a good place for it together :wink:



A few months ago, I made a small call/offer to Fairphone Angel heavens to get their own (used) local community FP3 (Aachen had been offered a second FP3, but we only need one, so that’s how the offer came). While Paris eventually got the device, the others (who might also be interested in spares) who were interested then were @angels_tilburg @angels_ghent and @angels_linz.

P.S.: It’s super-easy to detach the motherboard from the “rear module” of the FP3 (it takes a different screwdriver though to remove the two Torx T5 screws). Would be a pity to just dispose of the rear module – I can attest from my own experience that there is interest for these (I already sent out two of these to FP3 users who needed them).


Ghent currently doesn’t really need any more FP3 parts, since that time I received some donations.


Completely understandable decision and thanks for the offer to donate the rest of the phone. I would take it in case no-one of the heavens Urs added above want it.
I would add @angels_leipzig as I know they dont have spare parts to test however has requests.


→ Greetings and thanks for the reply, Urs!
I was talking about the full FP. I won´t disassemble it in any way :wink:

Alright! I’ll wait a few days and wait for feedback frompeople/groups. Then we’ll see to where it will go :wink:


Hi all, my Fairphone 3 recently suffered for the second time from a sudden death. The first time was 24 months after I bought it, I needed to send it in to be repaired, which worked, but it was a pain to reinstall everything. Now, around 36 months after buying the FP3, there is the second sudden death (no LED, black screen, phone not reacting to power button).

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Hi and welcome, I moved your post here as you are not alone with this isssue.

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Hi all,

So I see there’s not much further response from people or groups where a good place for my dead FP3 could be.

I would prefer to have no additional costs (e.g. by sending it via mail service) by giving it to the community to fill up spare parts - so it would be good if someone could pick it up. My region is round about the city of Siegen.

Alternatively, I plan to travel around the area of Aachen this weekend. Maybe there`s a chance to hand it over to @urs_lesse ?
Please drop me a message if this would be possible.

Otherwise I’ll keep it here at my place and wait for that anyone reaches out to me about picking it up or suggesting any other alternative how to give it to the community.


PS: Sad to see that you experienced the same “second sudden death after repair” like me, @jranke

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My spare parts are now in Leipzig. I’m not around Siegen to pick up. If Urs cant meet or dont want to take the parts, maybe you want to offer it for pick up here in the market section.

Should you consider shipping drop me a PM.

@DonFnord and I agreed on a handover this saturday. I’ll remove the motherboard so it stays with him, but wouldn’t mind sending you basically everything else (if I understand you right, you have zero FP3 parts left now). If his FP3 has the original 12 MP camera, I’d keep that one for Aachen (but include a 48 MP one for you) as we recently gave our only 12 MP carmera and got another 48 MP camera in return that we don’t really need.

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