FP3 crashes when starting Spotify

I’ve been having some issues when I start Spotify.

The app can’t detect the internet connection. If I wait some time it finally loads and let me play music.

In the meantime, while the app tries to connect, if I lock the screen, the phone crashes. Sometimes it reboots itself.

I just wanted to know if anyone else is having this issue.

Greetings from Spain!

Hi Guillermo,

on my FP3 I have no issues with Spotify. Which Fairphone OS and app version do you have? Does this only happen with mobile data or also when you are on a wi-fi network?

Have you already tried to uninstall and reinstall Spotify?

Best wishes,



Thank you for your response.

I have the latest Fairphone OS. The Spotify version is

It happens mostly with WiFi. But I don’t have any issues with other apps.

I did uninstalled it and installed it again but it didn’t solve the problem.

Are you 100% sure that your OS version is A.0134? There were some problems about FP3s that didn’t update although a newer version existed.
I.e, could you send a screenshot of your build number, in System → About Phone?

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Anything unusual in the Spotify settings? Do you have a firewall app, an always-on VPN or something similar installed on your phone?

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Nothing unusual in Spotify. No VPN and no firewall.

I have the eset mobile antivirus but doesn’t have firewall

I don’t have any problem with Spotify on mine.
That a really weird thing and I don’t think it’s really Spotify’s fault.
If an app crashes, Android handles it, you might get and error dialog, etc… But the phone shouldn’t restart!
There’s 2 things I can think of:
-You can try to wipe the phone and make a fresh Fairphone OS install to see if it helps but that’s not really a solution…
-Do you use an SD card? Maybe your songs are saved there and there’s a electrical problem with the SD card connector that makes the whole phone shutdown and restart.
Good luck with that… Try reaching Fairphone support anyway because that’s really weird!

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Hello all!

Finally I found the problem. It was my SD card. It’s a little bit old and was almost full

That was causing Spotify to struggle at the start

Thank you everyone for your help!


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