FP3 Core Module Broken (Again) - Should I Go for FP5?

Thanks for the additional information, esp. regarding FP4 warranty - I had the impression that 5yrs warranty for FP4 was no longer available as of 2024 (but that was outdated information, obviously).

As much as I’d love an answer right now :grin: I am just going to wait until I hear back from fairphone support. I assume that speeding up things for me (bypassing the queue by calling in) also means slowing things down for everyone else, and I don’t like that. :nerd_face:

Anyway: in case anyone stumbles across this thread with similar problems, this thread was a good read for me. I learned about “reflowing” the motherboard which might (or not - have not tried yet) at least help to recover some stuff that wasn’t in the backup. It also covers some background information about the evolution of FP’s frame (as mentioned by @yvmuell above), which makes me hope that newer versions are less likely to break that way.