FP3: Connect Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

in order to connect an Android Smartphone, like Fairphone 3, with a Smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, is necessary that the Smartphone the GMS (Google Mobile Services) supports.

Could you please tell me, if the Fairphone 3 with Android 11 (Security Patch Dec. 2022) the GMS supports?
If yes, how can i verify that?
If not, is there possibility to install them?

Thank you.

Schön guten Abend,

die GMS (Google Mobile Services) werden benötigt, um Android-SmartPhones mit SmartWatches zu verbinden.

Kann jemand mir bitte erklären,
a) ob bei den Fairphone 3 Android 11 (Security Patch Dec. 2022) die GMS (Google Mobile Services) unterstützt werden?
b) Wenn ja, wie oder wo kann man das überprüfen?
c) Wenn nein, können sie installiert werden?
wie bitte? App oder Plugin aus Google Play Store?

Vielen Dank.

I merged your topics. Why do you think it would not be included in the standard FPOS? It comes with google and GMS is not one app but a package of applications.


Google Mobile Services (also known as Google Play Services) is a licensing requirement from Google to allow manufacturers to ship a device with the Google Play Store. If you have the Google Play Store (which the Fairphone has), you will have GMS.

The only time you would not have GMS is if you buy a Fairphone from Murena (formerly /e/) instead of from Fairphone or from a store as they ship a modified version of Android (they do, however, contain microG as a compatibility layer but this is not a fully compatible implementation of GMS).

Short summary: If you buy your Fairphone from Fairphone or a regular phone store, you will have GMS. You will only not have it if you buy from Murena (/e/) or if you go out of your way to install a modified Android version on your device.


Thank you very much for your help!

I connected the FP3 Android 11 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 successfully.

I was not sure, because the Huawei Smartphone P10 Android 9 has Google Play Store and GMS as well, but the connection with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 did not work before.

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