FP3 complete sensor failure

A few months ago the screen rotation function of my FP3 stopped working completely. I need to manually rotate each picture after taking them and save them again - which is quite annoying of course. Since then I’ve been busy so I only got to trying to find a solution today. I started with going into Safe Mode, but the issue persisted. I’ve just completed a factory reset too - no joy. In the meantime I tried to conduct a sensor check-up through various third-party apps, but all of them claim my FP3 has no sensors at all. Is there anything else I could try?

As you have already tried a “factory reset” it might just have been worth re-installing device firmware if it doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone, before actioning warranty return of device:

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Thanks for the hint! I’ve just completed the re-installation of the OS but the sensors still seem to be absent. I will issue a warranty request. :frowning: