FP3 charging unreliably, USB-C connector broken?

Something to try in case of charging issues, if the USB connector seems in good shape, is to clean the bottom module’s ribbon cable connection.
This made the difference in my FP3 recently. I found debris accumulated between its tiny pins and cleaning it fixed the charging issue.


Same same = copper oxidation of USB-C connectors … and still waiting a response from support regarding warranty & delivery in UK where I’m in vacation :frowning:
I’m a FairPhone fan …but this time …

I’m not sure copper oxidation of the contacts is a warranty issue.

I thought the contacts were gold plated and protected for sometime, and if used regularly should be self cleaning.

The issue may be that you got the phone damp, which would automatically void the warranty .

Just wondering, do you live near the sea etc. Salty air can be an issue.

However you may want to check the dampness indicators in the phone as if Fairphone discover one after you’ve sent it . . . well they may fix it at a cost but that doesn’t mean another part may not fail soon.

Check out this post for pictures of the indicators.

See this and the post two above for how white they ‘should’ be

I’m leaving 45km from seaside …
I’m wondering if it doesn’t come from a mis-process of the gold-plated process of this bottom module series : the green thin layer of oxidation is clearly copper sulfate oxidation

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I had this problem, and fixed it by running a cocktail stick around the inside of the charging port


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