FP3 charging issues after replacing bottom module

I had problems about a month ago or so, my FP3 wouldnt charge up properly and the cable kept falling out. I did use my lenovo charger by mistake (it looks almost identical…) which I took to mean the reason it had problems - perhaps it was too much for it. It got so bad it took some where between 24-48hours to charge it fully it was so slow and if the cable fell out by knocking it slightly as you walk past, that would obviously make the situation more frustrating.

I purchased a bottom module and an official fairphone cable & charger direct from fairphone. It all worked great for about a month or so, super fast charging perfect. But now its not charging properly again, it doesnt even tell me if its charging rapidly or charging slowly etc the only way I can tell its charging is an led light on the front of the phone goes red. This was how it was before - the cable is not falling out though but its exactly as it was before!

Any ideas? Should I buy a new battery perhaps?


I doubt that is the issue. Even a worn battery will charge just not much.

You can check the battery via the inbuilt system

Dial *#*#66#*#* > Service tests > Test Single > Battery Status check

You will want at least 3.8V at 50% charge etc.

You could do a spin test on the battery

Also as the charging circuit is actually on the core module ensure the contacts are clean

If possible, test with another FP3 battery before ordering a new one. If there’s a fairphoneangel nearby they may be able to help.

The red LED, by design, indicates abnormally low battery charge. The phone may need to charge for quite a long time to recover. How old is the battery? Did you check the battery status as indicated by Amoun?

This page may provide useful information.

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Hi, apologies for the late response.

So i’ve done the inbuilt system check and i got curr level(%) 55, voltage(mV) 3.84, health good.

I tried the spin test, it doesnt really spin - which I think is a good thing?

That image is not the same as mine? I guess thats the FP3+ and mine is the FP3? I will do some searching for the FP3 - thank you!

The spin test image is a generic battery, the innards of the FP3 and FP3+ are mostly identical. All parts are dimensionally the same, only the inside of the modules differ and of course the white circles around the camera lenses.

All parts are interchangable.

The battery is a few years old. Cant remember when I got it, but it was just before the 3+ came out because i remember wishing I had just waited a little longer for the 3+, so early 2020?

how do i clean the charging circuit contacts please?

Actually sorry, how do i know if the contacts are clean or not :-/

The charging circuit is many thin gs,

  • The contacts in the USB C socket in the bottom module
  • The contacts between the bottom module and the core module

Cleaning debris can be done with a small pick in the USB C
The contacts can be cleaned of oil etc. by using Isopropyl Alcohol (any 90% clean alcohol)
Heavy tarnishing may require a scrub, some use a tooth bus.

Best to search

  • Bottom breakdown
  • isopropyl
  • red solder

Yeah comparing pictures with clean contacts and the ones i have. I think this might very well be the problem! Thank you!

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Your battery may be due for a replacement then, especially if you frequently charge it to 100%.

Cleaning is good to do anyway. Don’t forget the contacts of the battery itself (extra care required) and of the battery compartment.

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Ok thank you! I’ll give the cleaning a shot and then maybe get a new battery

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