FP3 charging issue

hi guys not sure if I have killed my fp3 battery it was showing yellow then flashing red - plugged it in but was using it then it started doing that thing where it seems to charge then reset - give the “please do not unplug” message then go blank then charge for a few seconds the reset over and over (my fp2 used to do this).

What i would like to know from you good folk is whether when the fp3 is properly switched off whether the charging LED still illuminates? (Im hoping not because that will mean mine might be charging)
Ty in advance

Yes when the phone is off the led is on when charging. No when it’s off but not charging.

My Samsung used to do this due to a faulty power switch, it was sticking down so would repeatedly switch the phone on and off.

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Oh dear back to the drawing board :slight_smile: thanks amoun x

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