[FP3] charging issue (slow, emergency mode?)

Hey Fairphone Community,
unfortunately I couldn’t find a post that fits to a hundred percent, so I hope not to annoy you too much with my questions.

Since a few weeks my FP3 consumes more power than it could be charged with. It feels like a hardware Problem. Tried a Battery - Reset; no effect. Tried a Battery - Kickstart; no effect. Tried different cables and charger (100% correct and working devices); no effect.

When I charge my phone there is no charging notification, not as audio and not in the battery symbol. What surprises me is, that the notification led lights orange while charging. It feels like an emergency mode.

I suspect a defect in the charge controller. do you also see it that way and would the bottom module be the right one?

As it currently stands, the battery is so empty that I can no longer charge or start the phone.

I hope someone have an idea
Greetings Max

ok, unfortunately I didn’t look as thoroughly as I should have.

I will order the bottom module again.

The forum offers a lot of useful information

thanks to all who have contributed to it

Hi and welcome to the forum.

If your phone is less than 2 years old you may be able to use the warranty.
Even if it is not the bottom module they are relatively cheap and a usefull backup.
There are power chips on the core module but that is not a user replacable part.

However as you have noticed there are lots of posts about similar charging problems and without a lot more info it would be difficult to provide any ideas, there are so many.

Be nice to know if you do resolve it with a new bottom module.

All the best

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