FP3: charge input

I’m brand new (just 2 or 3 hour) fairphone owner!

I’m wondering wich cable I can use to charge my phone.
I’ve tried the one (more than one…) I already have.
but it doesn’t works.

wich one I need to use? (I mean the USB type)


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Hey and welcome :slight_smile:

For FP3 you have to use a USB type c cable.


Hello and welcome to the community of Fairphoners (so to speak; since you are a member of this community for some time already).
Just as an addition and in case you are not aware already: If you want to quick charge your FP3, this has to be supported by the charger. The phone supports “Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0”.


And one more thing, in the past is wasn’t enough for some people just to buy a random USB-C cable. It’s advisable to check for IF certified ones, see Charging speed problems? Use USB-IF certified cables!


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