FP3 charge cable falls out and no longer fast charges

I’ve bust my FP3 but mistakenly using the wrong charger (I have a lenovo one that looks very very similar) and im not sure how long i’ve been using it.

Now the port doesnt hold the charge cable in correctly, if i get the balance right it remains in but any knock to it and it comes out. But even then the phone only charges very slowly - takes approximately 48 hours to charge it - without any use and battery safer enabled etc. Although it holds the charge for a decent length of time, it still makes the phone troublesome - I have to avoid using the phone for things I would normally.

Can I buy a part to fix this - I feel like a new battery might be needed but wouldnt fix the cable falling out issue or maybe even the slow charge issue.


The FP3 charging port sits in this spare part:


Just noticed this has already been dealt with here: Any indication on a Fairphone 5? - #5 by danielj