FP3 changing preferred SIM for SMS and outgoing calls all the time

I’m using my FP3 with two SIM cards, one for private use (slot 1) and one for work (slot 2).

In Settings/Network & Internet/SIM Cards, I’ve set the private one as preferred for outgoing phone calls and SMS messages.

However, the phone keeps switching them to my work SIM in slot 2, without notifying me. As a result, I am far too often phoning or texting people from the wrong number.

Has anyone else experienced this, and do anyone know how to fix it?


Just an idea.

As the phone can only use one slot for data, are you sure you don’t have the data set to work (slot 2) so it keeps picking up data and switching ??

Yes, in fact I’m afraid data is always set to my private SIM because that company has a bit better
connectivity. So, alas, it’s not that.

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