FP3 Cannot pair with Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones

I’m unable to pair my new Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones, even though I can pair them with my computer. I’m searching for Sennheiser help, but I wonder if has to do with Fairphone’s bluetooth. The device appears when I go to pair new device, but it does not connect. The headphones are compliant with Bluetooth 5.2.

I don´t know exactly what the problem is with your Sennheiser BT connection.
But I suggest you can activate the developer options in your android configuration. There are some BT options you could play with. Maybe it helps.

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Thanks! I don’t know how to activate developer options. I’ll see what I can find.

For developer options:
Go to the app Settings
Go to About phone (last entry in the app Settings)
Tap 7 times on the last entry ‘Build number’
Now you get Developer Options.
To go to Developer Options, go to the app Settings,
go to System
go to Advanced
and there the second last option is: Developer options



I have a Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Earbuds 2 but it works with bluetooth 5.2 too.

I could pair it without problems and it works fine, so the FP4 is definitively capable.

Edit: have you tried to pair it through the Sennheiser App?

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Did you first connect with the PC and was the PC on when you tried to connect the FP? Wondering if the Sennheiser is still connected to your PC and therefore would not connect with the Fairphone.


The app tells me to connect through the phone first.

Yes, this I did connect to my PC first, which seemed to confuse things. I tried to shut off the PC bluetooth and also connect in a different room, but had the same problem. I’m trying to reset the headphones and see if that makes a difference.


I wonder if the FP3 and FP4 have the same Bluetooth.

Oops, no, the FP4 has 5.1, while the FP3 has 5.0.

Edit: According to my “research” all bluetooth version is backwards compatible, so it should work, just without the 5.2’s extra specs.


I have the exact same problem. have you found a solution?