FP3 Camera turns on with one push of power button

My wife’s FP3 Camera turns on with one push of power button. Very annoying. It’s only 18 months old. Any tips on how to fix this? Thanks

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Do you mean the camera switches on with one push instead of pushing the home button twice?


Yes. That’s right. I assume it’s registering as a double push somehow, but maybe there is another issue

If you switch off the functionality to use the power button to start the camera, the button works ‘normal’?
Does your wife use a protective case with the phone?


She did try taking the case off and it still happened. I will have to try your other idea when she get’s home. I’ll let you know. Thanks

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Just remember that you still have warranty

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I can’t see how to disable that feature. Not in settings that I could see. Could you help please?
Thank you

Its under Settings-System-Gesture-open Camera fast (translated from german, might be slightly different wording)


Hi although Settings > System > Gestures > Quickly open camera does have an option is clearly says that it enables the camera on two presses, not one as you describe.

This is the option in A10 and A11.

So it may be a faulty/dirty power switch.

Do you use a case and is their a noticeable click when you press the button. A friend on mine has a heavy mind and when they press buttons they use force which means the pressure is there for like half a second sometimes, so the results are annoyingg

Can you confirm ‘you’ are using the default OS A10 or A11?

Anyway options are

  • Try in safe mode
  • Turn the phone off, remove battery for 10 seconds and restart.
  • Dismantle to see if there is a visible issue around the power button and to confirm it clicks promptly upon a quick press.

All the best

This was already clarified and also its clear that it should be a double push and the assumption is that it incorrectly registers one push as double

For curiosity: what should safe mode do in this case, as it only disables third party/self-installed apps? What should taking out battery do?

No idea, just that it may upset the status quo :slight_smile: and bring in a new light.
Struck out the question about case :blush:

Thanks for all the replies. It seems to have resolved. Maybe there was some dirt in the power button or something like that. Just playing around with it probably helped.

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