FP3+ camera test?

Interested in buying the FP3+
Loving the general idea and the modularity. I don’t need the latest processor etc.
One thing I DO want though is a decent camera. Now 48MP sounds impressive but are there any real camera tests available yet?

The sensor is 48 MP Quad Bayer / Tetrapixel, which means that the resulting images will be 12 MP.

Sure, but is there some kind of test? Something reliable like dxomark?

Since there’s so few units out there so far, please be a little patient. Some reviews and tests should appear any day now.

Fair enough,thanks :slight_smile:

At least I found this “hands on”, that includes a camera " test" on page 3.


Although only slightly, I think the "48"MP camera is better - especially on apps like Snapchat, where videos now are more smooth than before. However, software upgrades are needed (and coming, I think Fairphone have said). However the biggest upgrade is the selfie camera, which I think is a solid upgrade. If I were to reconsider the camera upgrades, I’d drop the main camera upgrade for now (to see if the software upgrades provides any significant improvements) and only buy the selfie camera. If you’ve got the money and want the discount then the choice is yours though, obviously.

Not that this was the kind of test you asked for, but hopefully my reply counts for something!


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