FP3+ camera only 12 megapixels instead of 48

Hi, Community!

I bought a FP3+ last week (Android 10). Today I needed the camera and realised, that the camera app maximally allows 12 megapixels as if it were the older camera module of the FP3 instead of the upgraded 48MP one of the FP3+.

I’m sure it’s the correct hardware, not the wrong module. ifixit here compared the two modules and I see in the size of the camera hole aswell as in the ripples of the flash that it is indeed the new 48MP camera.

I tried a different camera app (“Open Camera”) which also only allows 12MP so it’s not a bug of the camera software.

How can I tell the phone that the module actually supports 48MP?
The selfie cam has been properly recognized with 16MP, only the rear camera has the wrong resolution.

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