FP3 camera modules bundle voucher dead?

I waited before ordering and when I was ready, they were sold out so I signed up for the email voucher.

Haven’t heard anything about it since. Was it quietly cancelled? Don’t they have to honor their advertised deal according to EU law?

This promotion was limited until the end of September. See point 18.3 here:

If you got a discount code via email until then, that code remains valid until the end of the year.

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Yeah, I signed up around Sept. 20. Still waiting.

Same experience here :frowning:
But according to web shop looks like they’re still out of stock…

Same here, registered for the voucher code mid September. Haven’t heard anything since then.
I saw that hey were in stock, but could not buy them right away and now they are out of stock again. I think the code was limited to an amount of people?!

Hallo zusammen.
Hier gibt’s noch welche, aber Vorsicht, die funktionieren nicht mit /e/ oder L-OS :grimacing:
Habe die hier liegen und warte sehnsüchtig auf das Update welches “Ende Oktober” kommen soll. Bin mal gepannt . . . :thinking:

Gruß, Josh

Hi @arizonadeux,

We are temporarily out of stock, but hope to have this product back in stock by the end of November (we have also added a note with this message in the webshop). If you have already entered your email address to be notified, you will receive an email as soon as this product becomes available once again. Apologies for the delay but thanks for your patience! :sunflower:



UPDATE: The modules are back in stock and I successfully applied the coupon code!


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