FP3+ camera app writes "FP3" in the EXIF tag "model" so that no differentiation is possible

Die EXIF-Daten in den Fotos von FP3 und FP3+ unterscheiden sich nicht. Insbesondere hat der Tag “model” immer nur den Wert “FP3”. Das ist auch so in den Einstellungen bei den Eigenschaften zu “Über das Telefon”, auch dort steht in beiden Fällen nur “FP3”, und ich kann es nicht ändern. Wir benutzen aber in der Familie beide Smartphone-Modelle zum Fotografieren. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie ich unterscheiden kann, mit welcher Kamera das Foto gemacht wurde?

The EXIF data in the photos of the FP3 and FP3 + do not differ. In particular, the “model” tag always only has the value “FP3”. This is also the case in the settings for the properties for “About the phone”, in both cases there is only “FP3”, and I cannot change it. But in the family we use both smartphone models for taking photos. Does anyone have any idea how I can tell which camera was used to take the photo?

Danke für jede Hilfe!

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Yes the phone’s settings only show as FP3 whichever camera as it is reading the core module version, and sadly the same under Image > Properties

Each camera numbers the images by default so there will be a different sequence for each phone.

Another option you have is to use different camera apps so the images will have a different prefix.

For example I now use Nikita NGCam and all images are prefixed PXL rather than IMG with the default

Under Settings of the camera you can also Manage extended details which should allow you to identify different phones by enabling or disabling properties which will then show in properties.


At least Open Camera has the settings Artist and Copyright for the EXIF data, and a Save photo prefix setting to prefix the filenames with.

I’m not using Fairphone OS currently, so I can’t say anything about the stock camera App.


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