FP3 - Camera app store numbers in photo descriptions

Hello, my camera app stores descriptions like 00000030 in the stored metadata photos.
What do these descriptions mean? Is there any way to avoid this tag in the saved pictures (I could not find any suitable option in the camera settings)?

Version info:

OS Build number 8901.3.A.0107.20210513
Stock Camera app v2.0.002
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Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Which App with which software are you using on you FP3? And where can you find these numbers?


Thanks. I edited my question with SW versions. The comments are stored in the photo metadata/EXIF.

There is a lot of data in the EXIF tags. So where did you find this exactly?

In the description tag:

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I can see this in my pictures too, the EXIF tag is ‘UserComment’. Don’t know at the moment, whether or where that can be changed. But didn’t bother mee to much until now :slight_smile:.


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