FP3+ camera 48/12 Mp

I read that the 48Mp FP3+ camrea can be used with digital zoom to 12Mp. How does it work? Does it allways make 48Mp foto’s and can I dig. zoom later on, or do I have to set it to zoom? Does it normally put out a 12 Mp or a 48 Mp? I am totally confused about it reading the forum topic. Is there an instruction manual available for the camera?

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The camera will always produce just 12 MP photos, you cannot retrieve 48 MP photos from it. The camera sensor has 48 MP, but the photos calculated from that sensor will average 4 pixels into 1. And unfortunately the 48 MP cannot be used for zooming in either. :frowning:

And no, as far as I know no manual exists for it. Pretty much the unpleasant rule of apps. :frowning:


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this link will help clarify that the 48mp camera is a quad-bayer sensor which indeed always going to give 12mp output. That is there are 48million sensors but this information gets converted into 12 m pixels in output. Edit: Beat to it!

On the Fairphone website, the “Cameras” section gives a better indication about digital zoom, looks like it has 8x zoom. For an explanation of the camera I would probably see if any tech reviews cover it. Of course you can install other camera apps on the phone, but I think few (definitely not open camera) are able to take advantage of the quad bayer sensor, so image quality is a bit worse there.


Just to add to the above, as there is no optical zoom all you get is an expanded version of the 12Mpx option, so it may narrow the view to a bigger image of but no real extra detail.

The Nikita Camera app will allow such zooming up to 100 times effectively producing a 120Kb detailed image


The camera on FP3 and FP3+ aged dramatically, it is still a good camera if you time-travelled from 2014.

Hi existensionaut,
what aged on the camera?

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I think @existentionaut may be highlighting that the camera specs are a bit old and the software not up to much.

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Thanx Amoun, but this doesn’t bring me any further, what specs ae obsolete then. I quite enjoy my old FP3 camera…?

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You may like to look at Samsung’s options.


Search for S5KGM1 this is the one in FP3+

Nothing is obsolete and as long as you enjoy it, there is nothing to worry about in my eyes.


My flash fires too early or too late. Who knows the problem?
Taking pictures with flash in the dark is impossible.


What camera app are using, if the default try the Open camera from F-Droid

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Default Camera App. Ok, i try Open Camera.

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If it’s the same with Open camera will have to consider other options.

  • Do you have an SD card and is it set as Portable storage.
  • Have you tried starting in Safe mode
  • Hopefully you won’t have to try a Factory reset.

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