FP3 Caller ID and 4G

I have been having difficulties with caller id for ages. I factory reset yesterday and am now up and running.

I read one of the Fairphone articles just now and it suggested changing the SIM setting to auto 2G/3G did disabling 4G usage. That worked and caller ID was back to normal.


I don’t want to use 3G. 4G is much better. Is there any way around this?

Fairphone 3+ Android 13.



Is your FP3 really running the latest software? There was a caller ID problem long time ago, but that was solved already.

The very latest! Android 13. The last check was at 0250 today.

hmmm… I can remember that back then it helped to deactivate VoLTE only, and not LTE in general. @Theo7 have you tried this already?

The advice that I had from I remember not where was to disable VoLTE but there was not this option to me on my FP3+ so I toolk the alternative route advised in the same topic to disable VoLTE by selecting the 2G/3G option which disables 4G and disables VoLTE at the same time.

A chap I know has an iPhone. He used to be on Android but says that Apple is so much easier: “It just works.” he said. To really hit the market FP need to emulate that philosophy or they will remain a niche market for the technonerds and more socially aware. I count myself as a member of both groups.

Hmm ok… FP is not Android, so if the above is true why would it be FP to solve it🤔

Reg. Your issue: it needs FP as well as the mobile provider to ensure phones properly work in the network, so did you contact support of FP and your provider?

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I contacted both some time ago but didn’t come to a solution.

I’ll have another go at both. Fairphone first, would you advise? Or Three Mobile, my provider?

Thanks for the reminder. I have been living with the problem for some months now and would love to get it sorted.


Do you have the possibility of placing a SIM card from a different provider (which is using a different network) and see if the problem stays?

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Thanks Lidwien. That’s a good idea. It should show if it’s a Three Mobile problem or something else.

I have a second SIM installed. It’s a Vodafone PAYG SIM card. I’ll have a go at swapping them about and removing the Three Mobile SIM.


That’s verified that it’s a Three Mobile problem. I used the software switch on the FP3+ to turn off the Three Mobile SIM. I set the network preferences back to 2G/3G/4G, then tested the incoming call and the contact details showed fine.

I will now turn on the Three SIM again and see if the problem returns…


The problem returned with the Three SIM on and working. Next job to phone Three…

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.



Maybe the SIM is just a bit old or faulty…

When I asked support about this (I’m on O2) they referred me to this pagewhich shows which networks support VoLTE and WiFi calling. Turns out that Vodafone is the ONLY UK network that fully supports the FP3(+).

Watch this space for updates, they said. That was a year ago :rofl:

Thanks all.

So far I have

  1. Checked all the settings that I can think are relevant.
  2. Factory reset.
  3. Changed the SIM

No joy.

I can only think that Jarvis has the answer. Perhaps I will change to Vodafone after more than 20 years with Three.

That would be a shame because I am getting free calls and texts and 30GB for £8/month with Three.

I’ll read the page that Jarvis recommends.

Does anyone out there use Three Mobile with an FP 3+ and not have this problem.


This resonates with me. I’ve had an FP2 and I now have an FP3. Bought the FP3 only a few years ago and I have no intention to upgrade to an FP4 or FP5 for at least another three years (because that’s the philosophy, right?). However, the FP2 was buggy as hell and my two-year old FP3+ has started misbehaving as well: switches from 4G to E all the time; call volume so low as to be unusable; bottom-module malfunctioning after only a year causing it to only trickle charge; slowing down; and now randomly switching itself off. And yes, it has the latest Android, all the security patches, etc.

I’ve now bought a used iPhone 8. This ought to be a downgrade because it’s an older phone, but in literally every respect it is superior. So disappointing, I really want FP to succeed but the phone just isn’t good enough… Anyone want a used, misbehaving, FP3+?

I have the same issue with Three/FP3+. I wondered why everyone had started withholding their number suddenly.
Its a big issue because Three are switching off 3G and by the end of next year VoLTE will be the only option.

Three seem to think FP3 doesn’t support 4G calling Fairphone 3 Plus Support | Specifications | Three Device Support

So what to do now?

Change to Vodafone?

I have been with Three for more than 20 years and I have an very cheap contract, unlimited calls and texts plus 30GB per month for £8. I am loath to lose that!

Poke Three to get their stuff sorted and support FP properly, as stating FP3 does not support VoLTE in UK is just nonsense in my eyes.

Yeah, I’m on 100GB for £10, unlimited calls, so not planning to move.
It sounds like it is a two way thing between Fairphone and Three, presumably someone from Fairphone needs to speak to someone at 3.

According to the support page linked above 3 Austria and 3 Denmark support FP3, and Vodafone (which may or may not be merging with Three) supports it.

I’ve opened a support chat with Three. Will report back.
I don’t know if I’ll keep my FP3+ (I just got it, I love it, but I have a display issue), but if I do manage to keep it this needs sorting out.

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