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I got a new FP3+ this week and would like to connect it to my TV/monitor/projector with a cable. I have read many other discussions and what I found is that FP3+ does not allow to directly connect to an HDMI cable, as I have been trying. And I saw that the only/best option is to have a DisplayLink device, right? But I can only find a couple of options on Amazon, not much more. Which is very strange that I cannot find anything else in any (online) shop across Europe.

Does anybody have experience with doing this FP3-TV with a cable? In that case, could you recommend where I could buy a DisplayLink adapter in Europe?

Thanks a lot!

Looking at DisplayLink › Wiki › ubuntuusers.de (German) it seems that DisplayLink requires USB 3, but the FP3 only has USB 2. Seems like a dead end to me.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I had this doubt too but in the DisplayLink I also see adapters for USB 2.0 (https://www.displaylink.com/products/usb-adapters). So maybe it is actually possible to use it in FP3?

So what I am surprised is that I do not see a way to connect the FP3 to a TV/monitor/projector. There must be one somehow right? So I was hoping that somebody would show how it can be done.

May be an idea to ask support@fairphone how the usbC / usb 2 is wired

Which one of those is USB 2? I looked at a handful and all of them were USB 3.

To my knowledge, casting the phone screen to a bigger display is usually done wireless.
Smart TVs, BluRay players often support it out of the box. Or you can use a Wifi dongle that is inserted into the HDMI port of the TV/monitor. The MS Display Adapter works rather well from my own experience.

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Thanks amoun, I will ask support about this later on, they will probably have some answer.

And Ingo, on that list there is an “ACCELL ULTRAAV® USB 2.0 TO HDMI ADAPTER”, but indeed, most of them are USB 3.0. So I am using the wireless connection but, particularly in my projector, it doesn’t work well when I am watching something live. So that is why I wanted to have a cable connection instead for when the wireless does not work well, and I am surprised that the isn’t an easy way to do that.

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