FP3 bottom module Wanted

Hi Thanks for your prompt reply, presumably you know you can buy one from Fairphone for £17.95

The other issue is that the usb port may be dirty, I’ve had debris/dust colelct in previous phones and eventually damaged the port when trying to clean them. But a @urs_lesse has said the phone is still under warranty, so if you have not damaged it then it will be covered by warranty.

I have seen a post where similarly someone bought a new module and Fairphone reimbursed them once they had assessed it was a faulty part covered by warranty ~ I’ll see if I can find the post and update this topic with a link.

Whether or not it is a problem due to a debris ridden usb port you may like to protect it in future.

EDIT UPDATE: I just noticed @Incanus has suggested the same option :slight_smile:
And I can see from your quick response that you may have already considered that :slight_smile:

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I would give it a try anyway, sometimes the estimated delivering time is too pessimistic.
The german shop Vireo ships worldwide, they have it on stock, but charge 14,90€ for shipping to european countries: Untermodul für Fairphone 3 | grüne Elektronik bei Vireo kaufen

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I can’t see any debris in it at all. And If I buy through FP, I will have to wait 5-6 weeks for the part! I cant not have a phone for that long!

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Just on the off chance, have you tried to dismantle and reset the module in case it is a contact problem?

Yes I have done. No change, unfortunately.

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Once you’ve resolved the issue you may like to keep the defunct module as it could be repaired, I don’t mean you could/should try :slight_smile:

Here is a link to adept user @Leo_TheCrafter who has been busy making bottom modules for the FP2 ~ ridiculously impressive ~ so in the future no doubt someone will be recycling old FP3 modules ??


just to be sure: have you also tried different usb cables to sort out defectives on that part?

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As @HolosericaCaligo has queried. You mentioned trying alternative chargers but not cables, they can be an issue. To resolve not having a prime cable I bought two from Fairphone.


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I’ve tried the FP one bought with the phone and my apple charger and cable that usually works on the phone and neither work.

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Just wanted to mention that I didn’t see visible debris either in my phone port when it didn’t charge anymore a few months ago. However, it worked again after cleaning it with a thin tool covered in thin cloth, and alcohol solution. Support will make sure you do the same before sending anything.


I see the forum is running out of options, so let’s hope someone can supply you with a bottom module. Saying that, when I bought my phone in Oct 2020 there was a wait of a few weeks, but it arrived in days. Have you requested one, to get on the list of important customers?

So support got back to me and want me to send the phone off to them but that means being without a phone for weeks due to delivery times… they say they won’t just send me a replacement bottom module. Any advice?

I would suppose, that they always have some modules on shelf for warranty repairs. Or did they say it will take some weeks?

they said it would take 1-2 weeks but not including delivery. When I ordered my phone it took weeks just to be delivered.

Are you living at the north pole :wink: ?

@Incanus :- Mine arrived in days in Oct 2020 my daughters arrived in a couple of weeks in Dec 2020, it’s a bit hit and miss

It seemed like it! They had some issues. Brexit doesn’t help!

I also ordered mine in December 2020

Im also not able to back it up as I cant turn it on…

That’s for sure, I don’t know if it helps at all.
Anyway i wouldn’t expect, that it always takes weeks to ship a phone to the UK from the Netherlands.

My phone randomly started working and charged fully! however, now it is only retaining its charge and not increasing the charge…

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