Fp3+ bottom module needed

HI! I would like to buy a working bottom module for fairphone 3+.
Any location, I am sure we can figure something out.

Thank you


Hi Welcome to the forum.

There are third party sellers but I can’t find a recent post with a good link.

Anyway FP3+ are well within the 2 year warranty, have you considered getting it repaired or is the official Out of Stock, why you asking here?


the bottom module has been out of stock for some time. Fairphone support has told me warranty does not apply to my case and my calculated costs of sending and receiving the phone from the service are almost half the price of the phone itself. They even suggested that I post here to ask if someone has a spare one.


Could it be

  • It is over two years old
  • second hand and you don’t have the original receipt etc.
  • water or other user damage that voids the warranty
  • You live outside the EU/UK and can’t benefit from the warranty


Good luck in your search, you obviously don’t have to answer the above.

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