FP3 bottom module melted

Hi. The charge point to my FP3 melted recently after charging overnight. I’m not sure exactly of the cause but i suspect moisture. The damage looks to just be isolated to the bottom module usb c port which has completely burnt out and potentially slight damage to the speaker module (although i have no sound issues). I have contacted the support team although so far no response so i was looking to see if i can just order a new bottom module but the product page says temporarily out of stock :confused:

If anybody has any idea when the stock is likely to be in i’d appreciate the help.


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Hi and welcome to the forum

As this is just a user forum so there’s little hope of an answer but you can email Fairphone support@fairphone\dot/com


Sadly the bottom module is not available since a longer time already. There is no information when it will come back, maybe the support can tell you about it.

The other chance would be to get a used bottom module from ebay for example. But I guess you need luck, as I was not able to find anything at least in my country.

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Thanks for the advice. That’s frustrating, seems like it would be such a cheap and easy fix if I could just buy the part. I’ll keep trying with the support team then and maybe see what’s available on ebay as a back up.

Thanks again :+1:

Not cheap but you can send it in for a non warranty repair.

The lack of availability as a shop spare doesn’t mean they don’t have their own stock for repairs.

They told me last week, there will be bottom Module available during this Week.
I also need a Module to Repair my USB C Socket.

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May we have a Picture?


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