FP3 : Bluetooth music interruptions

When listening to music with a Bluetooth device (headset or other), there are micro-interruptions every 10 to 15 seconds, which makes listening very unpleasant.

I bought my Fairphone3 about 4 months ago and I am again obliged to buy another “standard” smartphone because of this problem (already had problems with the FP2), does ecology necessarily have to rhyme with poor quality?

Note: All softwares are up to date, problem only on the Fairphone itself.

Where is the music coming from?
Is it possible to use another app?
As you had it already with your FP2 could it be a problem with your bluetooth device?

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Music is coming from standard app (Google Music, Youtube music, etc…) these app works well on other smartphones. The problem appear on ALL apps, the problem is not in the apps.
And problem appear with any device (headset, speaker, car, etc…) .
Again, problem is on FP3 only !!!