FP3 Blank screen after update

Hello. I’m a bit lost and wonder if anyone can help me?

Last night I updated my FP3. Since then I used it a little and it was okay, but a few hours later the screen went blank. It is fully charged, and when I press the side button, it vibrates a little like normal, so I’m guessing it’s all working apart from the screen. It seems like quite a coincidence this has happened immediately after the update. Someone from the community in 2020 replied to a similar problem with these instructions:
First thing to try is to remove the display module
clean the brass contacts with isopropyl alcohol if you have it, and then reattach the display and turn the phone back on.

Is this what I should do?
If so, is there an alternative to isopropyl alcohol I can use?

With thanks

It’s okay, the phone has corrected or revived itself. Screen’s back working; at first it wouldn’t call out, then it righted itself again. Seems okay now!


Sounds like the usual black-screen-bug after the A13- update. Just search for “auto-rotation” here: FP3+: Issues with Android 13 update - #282 by yvmuell